I hear you Beth. It’s not some thing I have experienced firsthand, but I can only imagine the gravity that comes with reconciling a lifetime of doing the best you can, and being scrutinized for it. Here’s the thing, Well I can’t speak for anybody else obviously I will say if apprehension what is the issue for my parents (in their case I don’t think it is.) I guess my question to them would be what is your endgame? What are you afraid is going to happen and if you acknowledge that you were a perfectly imperfect multifaceted human being that appreciates that while you did your best with what you had you failed at times, and you’re sorry for that because you were running the show. I think they had the courage to be that rigorously honest I think they would be shocked at how well received appreciated and respected they would be for having the courage to be that honest and validate my experience. I’m not looking to retaliate or come for my pound of flesh so to speak. I just want our relationship to be sincere and authentic and who we are as human beings on this planet. I can’t connect or relate with somebody only focused on the narrative and manufactured relationships that fit the mold of somebody’s perceived ideology elegy of what a healthy relationship looks like.

Daughter, Sister, Friend.

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